Philip Rivers addresses chance of Chargers drafting QB – 肘が汚い!肘の黒ずみケアは?黒ずみの原因と解消

Philip Rivers addresses chance of Chargers drafting QB

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Philip Rivers isn’t getting any younger, but make no mistake: The 2018 Los Angeles Chargers are his team.

The quarterback’s coach said as much with the draft 10 days away and a crop of signal-callers available for selecting.

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Rosen has never been arrested. He’s never been suspended. He’s never failed a drug test. During an appearance on the Herd with Colin Cowherd podcast, John Middlekauff of The Athletic reported Rosen scored a 29 on the famed Wonderlic test, per Jordan Heck of the Sporting News. In an age when the spotlight has fallen on players’ off-field misdeeds, why does Rosen get knocked for a clean background?

It’s unfair to say he has character problems or to lump all character problems in together, one scout said. This isn’t Joe Mixon we’re talking about.

But then the scout adds the caveat at the heart of this all: But is he uncoachable? Probably for some.

Uncoachable is a word associated with Rosen dating back to his time in high school at the Elite 11 camps. There, the story goes, Rosen didn’t take to the coaching methods of former NFL quarterback and camp head Trent Dilfer. In a documentary about the camp, Dilfer is heard asking if Rosen thinks he knows more than us. Rosen finished dead-last—11th—when the camp counselors ranked the quarterbacks at the end of the week.dolphins_092

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