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Although marijuana is placed on the NFL banned substances list, recently retired tight end Martellus Bennett estimated nine out of 10 players smoke weed.

“I want to say about 89 percent,” Bennett told Chris Simms and Adam Lefkoe on a Bleacher Report podcast.

Bennett explained that many of the players use the substance to help take care of their bodies and manage pain rather than using it just to get high.

“There’s medical marijuana,” Bennett said. “So it’s like, there’s times of the year where your body just hurts so bad that you don’t want to just be popping pills all the time. That sh–, it ruins your liver. There’s a lot of these anti-inflammatories that you take for so long that like, it starts to eat at your liver or your kidneys and things like that. And a human made that. God made weed.”

Zimmer apparently knew Cousins would soon be boarding the Vikings ship, or perhaps he was still smarting from the loss to the Eagles with a Minneapolis Super Bowl berth on the line.

“Brown personally met with Reid when Reid visited the Bengals on Monday. Brown, according to the source, initiated discussion regarding the issue of kneeling during the anthem. The conversation almost exclusively centered on the topic, with Brown explaining that he intends to prohibit it — and with Brown at one point asking Reid for his response.

“Reid, caught off guard by the line of questioning, wasn’t willing to make a commitment on the spot. Last month, Reid said he’s currently not planning to kneel or otherwise demonstrate during the anthem. But Reid, who is considering other options for bringing attention to societal issues he considers to be important, hasn’t made any final decisions, and he wasn’t willing to do so at the direct request and behest of Brown.”

Reid became one of the more visible protesters, along with former 49ers teammate Colin Kaepernick, when he decided not to stand for the national anthem in 2016 and continued the protest into 2017. Last season, Kaepernick wasn’t able to find a job and Reid understands his activism could affect his employment as well.

Last month, Reid shared on Twitter that his stance on racial injustice has scared away NFL owners from offering him a contract this offseason.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday the feeling around the league is that New York will not deal its star wideout before or at the 2018 NFL draft, which will be held in Arlington, Texas, from April 26-28. Teams previously believed there was a realistic possibility the three-time Pro Bowler would be dealt, according to Schefter.

Beckham is entering the final year of his contract and is scheduled to make $8.459 million, per Spotrac.

New York struggled mightily in 2017 without its star wideout, finishing with the second-worst record in the league at 3-13.

April’s draft has always been an arbitrary deadline for a trade to get done. It gives teams the opportunity for instant payout, especially if an interested team is desperate. Of course, there’s nothing that prevents the Giants from continuing to explore the market throughout the summer and beyond. If extension negotiations aren’t close as the season approaches, a trade could still be on the table.

The bond between coach and general manager was on display throughout the evening as Wood joked about it being the first time he sat between the two, since they always seemed to be together.

Quinn repeated a mantra he’s stated a numberla_kings_006 of times since being hired by the organization; that the relationship between the coach and GM is the most important in the organization, before adding, “I feel like we have the strongest one in the league.”

Quinn said after Patricia was hired in February, one of the first priorities were making sure the front office and coaching staff were on the same page about the type of players they wanted to bring in via the draft and free agency.

“Matt and I are going to be in lockstep about the kind of players, the kind of people that we want,” Quinn said.