Earlier this season, catcher Gary Sanchez missed a couple of games after suffering a cramp. – 肘が汚い!肘の黒ずみケアは?黒ずみの原因と解消

Earlier this season, catcher Gary Sanchez missed a couple of games after suffering a cramp.

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Assuming this is worse, and because Tanaka is dealing with issues to both hamstrings, it would be hard to imagine him not being shut down at least for a week or so. After all, minor hamstring injuries can and often do turn into something far more serious, and with pitchers, they can lead to changes in mechanics to prevent pain… and then an arm injury.

Once the postseason is out of reach, Cleveland’s coaching staff can work Mayfield into the lineup, much like the Los Angeles Rams did with Jared Goff two seasons ago.

Austin withdrew his name from consideration for the Detroit Lions job that went to Matt Patricia after agreeing to become the new defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. That Motown miss may have put Austin in prime position to become a head coach soon enough.

It’s an understatement to say Marvin Lewis is on shaky ground in Cincinnati. The Bengals like to promote from within whenever possible, and the 53-year-old Austin is one of the more respected defensive coordinators in the league.

If the Bengals struggle again and Lewis gets canned, Austin is set up well to succeed him.

To be fair, Dan Campbell has already been an NFL head coach—sort of.

It wasn’t a big deal, my eye was swollen, but I didn’t want to play in the infield anymore. I got scared of the ball, and it was tough for me to play in the infield in high school. In 10th grade, a scout told me I could be drafted for a bit more money if I played in the infield, so they turned me into an infielder, and I started to play third base and shortstop. I stayed as a shortstop because of the scouts and the advice they gave me, but it wasn’t my choice.

Tanaka’s start Friday night was his best of the season, as he allowed a leadoff homer to Brandon Nimmo and then no hits the rest of his work night in a one-run, five-inning outing in which he struck out eight and walked one.

He was great, Boone said. After the leadoff homer, he was dialed in. I thought his splitter was really, really strong. He was cruising. We had no plans to remove him. I thought he had potentially a couple of more innings in him. As far as throwing the baseball, it was really encouraging for Masa.

But now he’s hurt, and if the Yankees aren’t careful, this could turn into more serious.

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